Teacher Librarian as Leader – ETL504 Module 1 Forum

What is my understanding of leadership?

Leadership is the ability to lead.  A leader guides others in order to achieve a collective goal.  A leader requires many qualities, which I have listed as answers to the following question.

How do I show leadership in my school?

I have shown little leadership in my current school because I am new, still learning the ropes and learning about my new position as TL.  I am learning the status quo in the school and building my background knowledge so that I can make informed decisions in and about the future of the library and its role within the school.

However, I have spent over a decade as a member of the school executive and as such have shown leadership in my schools by:

·        Working collaboratively with staff on planning, programming, assessing, reporting and other areas

·        Supporting staff members and teaching students in TPL, programming, classroom management strategies, parent-teacher interviews, intervention meetings, and other areas requiring development

·        Encouraging others through verbal and written feedback, offering them opportunities to extend their skills and experiences

·        Providing a positive role model for others to follow

·        Offering suggestions if I observe that there may be an aspect of practice that may require development

·        Listening to concerns and requests for assistance, negotiating an acceptable outcome and following through as quickly as possible

·        Being available and visible to the school community

·        Being prepared for planning days, meetings and presentations so work can be completed efficiently and effectively

·        Leading by example.  Model what you expect your team to be doing and achieving

·        Negotiating.  Allow team members choice and ownership in the decision making process.  More heads are better than one.  Colleagues always thought of better ways to do things than I could by myself.

·        Taking responsibility for your actions.  If something goes wrong or you make a bad choice, admit it, apologise, fix it and move on.

·        Motivating and inspiring others to take action, to follow or be guided by you, to go out alone

·        Being enthusiastic about work, life and the people around me.  It’s fun and contagious!

·        Communicating well with those around me, whether it’s verbal or written communication, so everyone is well-informed.  For example, providing records from meetings etc.

·        Showing genuine interest in others and what they have to contribute

·        Being flexible, being able to change things or accept the decision that had been made if it is not your liking

·        Getting on well with others.  Good interpersonal skills

·        Sharing responsibility for projects and achievements and acknowledging the good work of others

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